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We are committed to designing an interactive online platform which best suits your training and development needs.  eLearning Design is open to using software which you deem most effective.  We work to deliver an exceptional product along side a quality service.

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Consulting Services


We provide consulting services to assist your organisation to achieve its objectives more effectively and faster.  With an eye on precision, we aim to aid you and your brand.

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Project Workflow


We work with you to formulate a solution and close knowledge-gaps in your organisation.  By applying instructional design theory and unpacking the specific goals of the project, we work to mould an online training platform that will ensure that outcomes are met and performance of the target group exceeds expectations.

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Web Design Service Available


Here at eLearning Design we also offer web design services.  We will work with you to conceptualise a website solution which is ideal for you and your business goals!

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Looking for Brand & Identity


Are you looking to make an impact on the consumer market through effective branding merchandise?  Or, are you considering rebranding?  With expert graphic and visual designers on hand, you can trust eLearning Design to make your brand standout of a crowd!

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Service Commitments


eLearning Platform Development


Blended Learning Solutions


Web Design


Brand & Identity

What We Offer


By teaming up we seek to offer your organisation an effective online training solution that will be an ongoing resource to your staff and/or students.  Your Return on Investment (ROI) will speak for itself.  We will assure that we are able to build a lasting professional relationship with with you as well as ongoing customer support.

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At eLearning Design we are both passionate and goal-orientated.  We believe in applying ourselves to the best of our ability at all times and adding value to our clientele.  We apply a strong work ethic, flexibility, adaptability and creative solutions to assure that we attain total customer satisfation.

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We are vibrant professionals looking to further in the thriving eLearning industry.  By focussing on developments in the field we aim to grow professionally and to make a positive impact on our clients.  We encourage and support one another which strengthens our collegiality and our end-product.  Use us for your next online training project?

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  • Content / copy writing 50%
  • Training needs analysis 80%
  • Visual element development 60%
  • LMS support 15%

Our Workflow


Research & Analysis

At this stage we undergo a vigorous process of deciphering the knowledge-gaps, on agreeing upon sought goals and determining the direction to take with the project.


We then storyboard the content and visual elements in line with your project vision and offer a plethora of interactive elements that could be integrated into the training course.


The building of the eLearning course begins once consensus is achieved.  We integrate theory and practical knowhow with interactive assets to build an engaging platform.

Project Deployment to LMS

Trouble-shooting and executing the final product to a Learning Management System (LMS) is the final part of the process.  Your online training is ready to be absorbed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Making up your mind and committing to a specific service provider is no easy task.  Many factors are at play here and this is completely understandable.  Have a read of our most FAQs and see whether the answers line up with your mission and vision for your next project.

If you are still left wondering, perhaps you could contact us directly.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Our clientele base is vast.  We work with small-medium sized businesses to accommodate the up-skilling of their staff.  We also look to engage with educational providers to build blended learning solutions for their needs.  eLearning Design is open to working with large organisations.

What is your turn around time?

Every project is case-specific.  Depending on the breadth of the training course and the package chosen by our client, we seek to maximise efficiency and work to deadlines.  We are committed to have a large project completed within a 10-12 week timeframe.

Why choose eLearning Design over the competition?

Here at eLearning Design we are passionate for all things ‘online education’ and design.  We believe in applying ourselves to the best of our ability at all times, at providing value-creation to our client. We are flexible and adaptable to the needs of the target-audiences.  We have a strong and dedicated work ethic.  Adhering to your goals is our motivation.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Yana was able quickly understand, organise and compile our company’s complex training material into a compelling and user friendly online training system that effectively gets our clients up-to-speed on how to use our software.  Her help was invaluable.

Josh Swinnerton

Founder and Managing Director, MedAdvisor International Pty. Ltd.

eLearning Design nos brindó, de manera eficiente y muy profesional, una solución completa para el entrenamiento de nuestros técnicos y personal especializado.  La calidad y puntualidad de la entrega del proyecto, es una cualidad invaluable q superó nuestras expectativas.  100% satisfechos!

Rodrigo Muñoz

Managing Director, Easy Protection

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